Central Africa Medical Mission
Join us February 14th for a brunch, family fellowship and a mission Bible study at 9:00.  We will be taking donations for the Central Africa Medical Mission (CAMM).  Bake sale items available as well.

CAMM began in 1961 as a means of proclaiming the gospel and providing for the physical needs of the people in Malawi and Zambia.  Each year it costs more than $65,000 to operate the medical missions, which has never been a part of the WELS budget, but supported solely by donations.
Work in Malawi is done through the Lutheran Mobile Clinic, which travels to five clinic sites, including the new site Yossa.  The mobile clinic serves over 40,000 patients, and much of this work is a combination of educational training as well as treatment.  Clinic staff provide; child check-ups and vaccinations, outpatient care, family planning services, nutrition classes, and formula for orphaned infants.  Various agricultural and community programs include drilling bore holes and covering wells, HIV/AIDS education and teaching better methods for growing crops.  These programs result in the prevention of many diseases and malnutrition while the distribution of mosquito nets combats malaria.
Work in Zambia is done at the Mwembezhi Lutheran Rural Health Center.  The clinic staff sees approximately 25,000 people annually.  They provide preventive health care as well as caring for sick and wounded.  Clinic midwives train traditional birth attendants so healthy babies can be born in the villages instead of traveling to the health center prior to delivery.  Prenatal care and childhood immunizations are an important part of clinic work as well as treating malaria.   More than 60% of the patients seen the clinic are sick with malaria.  In addition to treatment they are taught ways to prevent malaria infections and are provided with mosquito nets.
Pastors from the Lutheran Church of Central Africa (LCCA) assist CAMM with sharing the gospel through baptism, opening devotions, singing and teaching at all medical clinics.

You can find more information at the CAMM website.

Every February the members of Faith Lutheran Church help support CAMM through an annual fundraiser known as “Our Mission of Love” where hot breakfast dishes are for sale as well as baked goods and beautiful hand-crafted items.  This highly anticipated family friendly event provides a special means of fellowship as members of all ages glorify the Lord through their abilities and financial support.  Donations in the past have included hot items such as breakfast sandwiches, cinnamon rolls and quiches.  Bakers have made a variety of breads and sweet treats.  Artisan crafters have donated artwork, beaded jewelry, crochet and knit items, quilts and stuffed animals.  Free will offerings are welcome.  For more information contact Joy Bromaghin @ 336-6186.