School Standardized Testing Scores
Faith Lutheran School Standardized Testing Profile

The Link below will take you to a PDF of Faith Lutheran School’s most current Terra Nova standardized testing results (Board Report) as indicated by National Percentile Ranking. 

Click here to access the Terra Nova Board Reports for Faith Lutheran School 2014-2015 School Year

Explanation of reports:
A percentile ranking indicates the percentage of scores that fall above or below the point of a given score. In this case, the national norm (indicated by the black line) is 50%, as nationally, there would always be 50% at or above and 50% below the norm, or national average. By comparison, the yellow line indicates the National Percentile Rank of all schools testing in our WELS elementary school system. Finally, the blue bar indicates the National Percentile Rank of Faith Lutheran School. For example, the first box on the first page (TOTAL READING) shows a blue bar indicating a National Percentile Rank of 84% for grade 3 for the most current test (in this case September of 2014). This means that on average our grade 3 students scored better than 84 percent of all the students tested nationally (the norm group) who were administered the same test. This also implies that only 16 percent (100-84) of the norm group scored the same as or higher.
Page 1 of the Board Report indicates our current National Percentile Rankings for the current school year from grades 3 through 8 (the only grades to which these tests are administered). Pages 2-6 indicate longitudinal progress for each of the grades over the course of several years. The final page indicates Faith Lutheran School’s average National Percentile Ranking for all grades for the latest testing period.
For more information on Faith Lutheran School's standardized testing results, please contact the school principal.

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